Blockers are common in Candy Crush Saga because they prevent a player from passing a level and it reduces available spaces on the board,a list of blockers can be found on this page.

Blocker Number of hits First appearance Name of blocker
Regular icing
1 Level 21 Icing
Licorice Lock
1 Level 25 Licorice Lock
1 Level 51 Chocolate
Licorice Swirl
1 Level 81 Licorice
Candy Bomb-0
1 Level 96 Candy Bomb
Two layered icing
2 Level 111 Multilayered Icing (Two layered)
Three layered icing
3 Level 141 Three Layered Icing
Chocolate Spawner
Indestructable Level 156 Chocolate Spawner
Four Layered Icing
4 Level 171 Four Layered Icing
1 Level 186 Marmalade
Five layered icing
5 Level 276 Five Layered Icing
Cake Bomb
8 Level 366 Cake Bomb
Five Layered Sugar Chest
5 Level 711 Sugar Chest
3 Level 771 Popcorn
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