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Level 2 is the second level of Candy Town and is the second moves level in the game to pass this level you must reach the target score in 15 moves or fewer.Once you complete this level ,Sugar crush is activated and will score you additional points in this level.
Level 2
[[File:Level 2 Reality.png]]|305px|center]]
Level 2
Episode Candy Town
Level type Moves Icon
Moves 15
Target score Unknown
Blockers None
Number of
candy colors
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 73
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
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Moves Icon Moves Icon
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Difficulty Edit

  • This level is very easy because its an introduction level in the game and its very easy to make special candies wuth all the given space even with six colours and only 15 moves available its a very easy level and its an introduction level on how to make a Striped Candy this candy will blast one row down or up it depends on the side of the striped candy though to get a striped candy you must get four in a row.
  • This level is possible to fail if you just make normal moves

Strategy Edit

  • Try to get enough points in 15 moves and then you can pass this level bery easily if you are lucky enough as a striped candy will really boost up your score on this level even though it is possible to fail this level if you just make normal moves because there is no blockers of any type to distract you on getting the target score. Do not waste any good moves on this level since this will decrease the chance of winning this level as tou may beat this level.

Level info Edit

  • There are no blockers in this level
  • This level is an introduction on how to make a striped candy

Trivia Edit

  • This level is possible to fail.
  • This levels difficulty is usually joked about.
  • This level has no blockers of any kind.
  • This level is the first level to have 73 spaces.
  • This level is an introduction level on how to make striped candies.
  • This level is the second introduction level.
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