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Level 24 is the fourth level of Lemonade Lake and is the sixth ingriedient level in the game. To pass this level you must bring down one hazlenut and one cherry in 20 moves or fewer. Once you complete this level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.

Level 24
Level 24
Candy Colours: 4
Episode: Lemonade Lake
Moves: 20
Spaces: 40
Difficulty: Very Easy
Level Type: Ingriedient
Next Level: Level 25
Previous Level: Level 23

Difficulty Edit

  • This level is very easy because there are four colours and 20 moves available
  • Also only two ingriedients are required in this level so its very easy to pass
  • This is the easiest level in lemonade lake
  • Four colours and 20 moves available make this level very easy to pass and reach the target score

Strategy Edit

This level is very easy but it is possible to fail,you should try to find good moves to get the ingriedients down to the bottom as you only have 20 moves and there is holes in the middle of the board.Remember that there is no blockers in this level only holes in the board.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level to have 40 spaces on the board
  • This level breaks the trend of having blockers
  • This level is the easiest level in Lemonade Lake
  • This level continues the trend of having very easy ingriedient levels
Level 24
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