Soda Swamp is the 66th episode and the 3rd episode in World 12. It features levels 966-980. 

Soda Swamp (Episode 66)

Soda Swamp

Episode 65
World World 12
Levels 966-980
Characters Tiffi,Dinosaur
Champion title Unknown
New features Orders for Candy Order Levels that do not spawn on the board.
Released June 10th 2015
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
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Cookie Crossing Candy Clouds (Episode 67)


This episode is much easier than the previous five episodes because after the intense difficulty of the previous five episodes.Soda Swamp is currently much easier than the previous episode,Cookie Crossing but however it still contains a few hard to very hard levels like 967,969,970,973,974,975(and sometimes 976) but however this episode is much easier than the previous episode,Cookie Crossing.


This episode contains levels 966-980 it is also the 65th episode in the game as it currently is a somewhat hard episode despite having a few eaasy levels at the end but due to a notorious level it is a somewhat hard episode but its still much easier than the previous episode

Hardest Level: Level 967

Easiest Level: Level 979 & 980

Level 966: Somewhat Easy

Level 967: Very Hard

Level 968: Easy

Level 969: Somewhat Hard

Level 970: Very Hard

Level 971: Easy

Level 972: Medium

Level 973: Very Hard

Level 974: Hard

Level 975: Somewhat Hard

Level 976: Variable

Level 977: Medium

Level 978: Medium

Level 979: Easy

Level 980: Easy

Level Type Amounts:

Moves: 1

Jelly: 6

Ingredients: 2

Timed: 1

Candy Order: 5 

Episode 66- Soda Swamp 2