Reality Dreamworld

Sparkle Submarino is the tenth Dreamworld episode and is the third episode of World Two/Dreamworld.This episode contains levels 126-140.Its the Dreamworld episode which is equivilant to the Reality episode:Wafer Wharf.The champion title for this episode is unkown.

Sparkle Submarino

Sparkle Submarino

Episode 10
World World Two/Dreamworld
Levels 126-140
Characters Tiffi,Octopus
Champion title N/A
New features Candy Order Levels
Released March 7th 2014
Difficulty Medium
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Bonbon Baths Cookie Cabana

Difficulty Edit

  • This episode is much easier than the previous episode but it still has some hard levels like 129,130,134,135 and 139
  • This episode introduces candy order levels but if a candy order level needs colour and then the moonstruck takes away the colour you need from the board it can be very dangerous because then you will not be able to collect any more of that colour unless the moonstruck ends as it can make the board dry out of that colour.
  • Level 130 is a very frustrating level
  • This episode has blockers in every level except level 133.

New Features Edit

  • This episode introduces candy order levels but with candy order levels where you need to collect a certain amount of colour can be dangerous because the moonstruck can take away that colour and then you will not be able to collect any of that colour until the moonstruck ends.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 126-140

Sparkle Submarino is a medium episode but there is also four somewhat hard-hard levels:129,134,135 and 139 and one very hard level which is level 130.Overall it is much easier than the previous episode,Bonbon Baths.

Sparkle Submarino Background
  • Hardest Level: Level 130
  • Easiest Level: Level 140
  • The Most Fun: ???

There is currently 11 candy order levels,two jelly levels and two ingriedient levels in this episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has the most candy order levels out of any episode
  • There is two ingriedient levels in this episode
  • This episode breaks the trend of having moves levels
  • Level 140 is completely different from its Reality
  • There is currently only two jelly levels in this episode