World 11 is currently the eleventh world in the game and it contains the following episodes:This world will contain three episodes which are Delectable Depths Polka Park and the first episode in World 11 is Crumbly Coast See more down below for more information about World 11

Hardest Episode: Delectable Depths

Easiest Episode: Crumbly Coast

Hardest Level: Level 912 or 926

Easiest Level: Level 906

Episodes Edit

There are three episodes in this world and it contains the following episodes.

Crumbly Coast

It currently contains crumbly coast which is a hard episode and all the episodes in this wirld are hard it currently contains all the levels from 891-935 in this world.The previous world is longer and it has more episodes in it.

Crumbly Coast Edit

Crumbly Coast is the 61st episode in Candy Crush Saga and it is a hard episode it contains levels 891-905.There are currently nine somewhat hard-hard levels in that episode,891,893,894,897,900,901,904 and 905.This episode is currently the second hardest episode in this world as it has got no 4 colour levels and it has got the most six colour levels out of any episode in the game

Unicorn Fountain

Polka Palk Edit

Polka Palk is the 62nd episode in the game and it contains levels 906-920.This episode was released on April 29th 2015 it contains many hard levels to deal with and even some very hard levels like 907,908,911,912,913,914,915,917 and 919.This episode contains a Hells Cluster from levels 911-915.Level 914 used to be insanely hard and was almost impossible to pass.

Delectable Depths Edit

Delectable Depths is the hardest episode in World 11 as there is a lot of hard levels like 922,923,925,929,931,933 and 935 which has been recently buffed so now its somewhat hard instead of medium and Level 934 used to be insanely hard and it was almost impossible to pass without any boosters but now there is four colours and no blockers outside the ingriedient exits.Delectable Depths is a hard episode even harder than anything

Delectable Depths

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