World One/Dreamworld is the first Dreamworld Episode in Candy Crush Saga.It contains all levels from 1-80 and this world is the easiest world in Dreamworld but however not all the episodes in this World are easy it also has some hard episodes which is very unusual in the first world of Dreamworld.

Hardest Episode: Twilight Egg

Easiest Episode: Sleepy Slopes

Hardest Level: Level 70

Easiest Level: Level 1

Sleepy Slopes Edit

Sleepy Slopes is the easiest Dreamworld Episode in the game as it only has ten levels and most of the levels are graded very easy its only levels 4&5 that can be tricky because they are only graded easy.This episode is slightly harder than its Reality Counterpart due to regular icing being present in all levels of this episode.

Funky Factory Edit

Funky Factory

This episode contains levels 11-20

Honey Hot Tub Edit

Honey Hot Tub

This episode contains levels 21-35

Aurora Chocorealis Edit

Aurora Chocorealis

This episode contains levels 36-50

Lollipop Lanterns Edit

Lollipop Lanterns

This episode contains levels 51-65

Twilight Egg Edit

Twilight Egg

This episode contains levels 66-80